Central America | Belize – Crooked Tree

Central America | Belize – Crooked Tree

Day 2
Visited the Howler Monkey Preserve. Why are they called Howler Monkeys? I don’t know. Based on the sounds they make, Growler Monkey or Garbage Disposal Rumble Monkey seem like more apt titles. Heh. They sure do make a guttural noise! Lots of it.

The guide who works there is named Fallett. He knows tons about herbal medicine and told us fascinating stories of different plants that can be used as contraceptives, to aid the birthing process, even to determine if a woman is pregnant. He told us about using the mushy green stuff inside the aloe leaf to stop itching of insect bites.

We stayed at Sam Tillett’s a rustic lodge in Crooked Tree. Aside from a main highway, roads in Belize are generally not paved. Our bus broke on the way there but Sam sent one of his own buses to pick us up. The food at the lodge is phenomenal. That night we ate chicken, rice, cole saw, rice and beans with a sort of pumpkin flan concoction for dessert. You can drink Belikan beer, product of Belize, a nice light beer, or the specialty everywhere: panty rippers. This is coconut rum with pineapple juice. Delicious! And yes, I suppose too many of them could result in ripped panties.

The rooms at the lodge are to die for. By which I mean you could die from looking at them too closely so shut yer eyes and just go to sleep! Don’t bother looking for the tarantulas and scorpions, for the most part they’re harmless. The beds are generally dry despite copious rain. There is hot water. You’ll get an amazing plate of fry jacks with your coffee in the morning, so there, what else do you need?

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