Central America | Belize | Belize City – Living Large on Caye Caulker

Central America | Belize | Belize City – Living Large on Caye Caulker

Day 11

Mellow afternoon after eating an overpriced lunch (food here can break the bank!) and doing some exploring and sunbathing on our dock.

The highlight today for me was night snorkelling with Ricardo of Johnny’s. ‘See the wanders of the sea at night’ is their slogan. He’s definitely one of a kind, Ricardo is. There were 4 of us: a danish girl, a german guy, me and Matt. We rode out in a decrepit looking small sailboat, that’s actually in much better condition than the initial appearance would lead you to believe. Ricardo used the motor for the 1/2 hour ride out to the reef. The reef is huge and amazing but very shallow. At night we were scraping things without meaning to and were lucky to avoid sea urchins. Matt and I shared a high-powered flashlight. We decided it was best to circumnavigate the reef shining the light inside. Other difficulties were a strong tide that kept us bumping into each other and staying apace in dark water. It’s actually easier to not hold the torch. When I had it I kept worrying if Matt was still with me but as the side swimming, non-torch bearing part of the team, you just have to keep track of the light in front of you. Some impressively large and colorful fish, and, what I was specifically seeking: a green octopus! Yay! Go green octopus! Always wanted to see one.

This snorkel trip was a unique opportunity because you usually only see night dives advertised, never night snorkelling. We weren’t sure how much snorkel time we were allotted so we went back to the sailboat after 45 minutes. There was a small blinking beacon on the boat but a similar one on a boat nearby so that was a bit confusing. We did, however, board the right boat. We were the only ones back so Matt went back into the water. I stayed on the dark sailboat enjoying the beautiful night sky and the movement of the water. Would’ve been great to sleep on that sailboat. Ricardo sailed it back sans motor which went even quicker.

Had a wonderful jerk chicken dinner at Romie’s. Then went drinking at I & I. I walked home via the graveyard and beach front which was a very cool walk, indeed.

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