Central America | Belize – Altun Ha and points south

Central America | Belize – Altun Ha and points south

Day 4

Visited Altun Ha, a small site. This visit was cut short by a torrential downpour. We could actually see and hear the storm approaching from the top of the Jade Temple. The site was not used for sacrifices, ballplaying or anything religious. It was a town for the elite and there’s a tomb there.

We were all pretty soaked. I fared pretty well with my blue tarp-like rain poncho. It’s been invaluable so far. My trail shoes are performing admirably, as well.

Driving towards Placencia the terrain becomes very mountainous. there are a lot of orange and grapefruit gorves owned/run by Tropicana but allegedly they do pay a fair wage since authorization for the groves has to go thru the E.U.

We had the opportunity to stop a bit at the Settlement Day festivities in Dangriga. I loved it. The Garifuna are from the southern caribbean isles (ie, St. Vincent’s), abandoned or escaped slaves who settled in Belize and Honduras, with most in Belize. They celebrate their arrival to Belize with a lot of music (punta rock) and drinking. The music was awesome. There was a Rastafarian Temple (? – do they call them temples in the Rastafarian religion? I don’t know). Just a lot to take in. Again, a lot of chinese restaurants but they seem to be owned/run and definitely well-patronized by the Garifuna. Such a fascinating stop.

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