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Former USSR | Kyrgyzstan – eating

The eating is great.

I understand that Central Asia and Russia aren’t widely reputed as international culinary venues, but they are assuredly underrated.

I have never eaten so much. Food is served until I am stuffed at every meal, and …

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Former USSR | Kyrgyzstan – 1

Dirty bus curtains framed an eight-story soviet hotel as doors slammed open and we rattled to a stop. Unsure what was next but obediently taking the cue, sixty-five Americans on three chartered buses rose with a murmur and shuffled forward. …

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Former USSR | Kyrgyzstan – Communists

The introduction to Bantam’s 1992 printing of the Communist Manifesto explains succinctly that true, theoretical communism has never existed in the Soviet Union, or for that matter the world.

At any rate, after nearly seven decades of Soviet and communist …

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Former USSR | Kyrgyzstan – under consideration

Check back later.…

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Former USSR | Kyrgyzstan – 2

Kyrgyzstan, formally the Kyrgyz Republic and informally the Roof of the World, is a small, intensely mountainous country and one of the last explored places anywhere. Ninety eight percent 3000 feet above sea level, it exists quietly along the Silk …

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Former USSR | Kyrgyzstan – 3

My new host family’s old Volkswagen barreled down a broken, dusty highway sagging with everything I had. The roadside teemed with donkey carts, women waiting for buses and men selling gasoline in water bottles. My new “parents” for the next …

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