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Europe | Spain | Andalucia | Sevilla – Sevilla, Spain

I am going to try to do a better job of keeping this travelogue updated. Unfortunately, I havent been able to find an internet cafe that allows me to download pics.

I adore Sevilla, this town is lively, beautiful, hotter …

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Europe | Spain | Andalucia | Sevilla – Reflections on Southern Spain

Spain has been an adventure. I have travelled to most of the towns here in Andalucia over the past 3 weeks with the exception of Cordoba. Sevilla is everyone’s favorite, it easily outshines them all. I loved Lisbon and central …

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Europe | Spain | Andalucia | Sevilla – Cockroaches and cutlery

Barely five days after deciding to head off into the wide blue yonder I find myself pack on my back, running for the train, wheelie suitcase rattling along behind me. Surely it isnĀ“t really backpacking if you take a dolly …

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Europe | Spain | Andalucia | Sevilla – Maps and Men, or The Fickle Finger of Fate

Well I woke up this morning feeling a little less cynical but not entirely well rested. I decided to ignore the thought that there might be roaches in my room and that it was freezing and just get on with …

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