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Central America | Belize – Belize City

Day 1

It was raining when we landed in Belize City. Belize City is nowhere near as grotty or threatening as I was led to believe. There are those that still claim it’s a completely different animal at night. I …

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Central America | Belize – Crooked Tree

Day 2
Visited the Howler Monkey Preserve. Why are they called Howler Monkeys? I don’t know. Based on the sounds they make, Growler Monkey or Garbage Disposal Rumble Monkey seem like more apt titles. Heh. They sure do make …

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Central America | Belize – The Stone Lady

Day 7

Visited the ruins of Xunantunich (‘stone lady’), a very impressive site close to our hotel. You cross a river on a winch ferry (a guy pulls a crank that moves the ferry across the river). You can go …

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Central America | Belize – Snorkelling in the Rain

Day 13

The bed bites have gotten really bad. My bites have bites. Ugh! I was tipped off to buy Itch-Away, made of 100% hemp, though not for recreational purposes, according to the label. It did stop the itching.

We …

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Central America | Belize – Tapirs, and Jaguars, and Tarantulas! Oh My!

Day 6

Hiked in the Cockscomb Basin (Jaguar Reserve). You can’t actually see jags unless you are there at night. We did see a lot of jag and tapir footprints. A lot of birding, and we saw a tarantula eating …

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Central America | Belize – Biking

Day 12

I had Jane’s bike for most of the day. She was on a snorkel trip and needed it to be returned at 3 pm. I rode it over practically every inch of the island, including (accidentally and probably) …

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Central America | Belize – Lamanai

Day 3

The Mayan ruins of Lamanai (‘submerged crocodile’) are approached via a 2 hour boat ride on the New River. We went slowly with our guides Ronny and Donny (I think both may be of mayan decent) pointing out …

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Central America | Belize – Altun Ha and points south

Day 4

Visited Altun Ha, a small site. This visit was cut short by a torrential downpour. We could actually see and hear the storm approaching from the top of the Jade Temple. The site was not used for sacrifices, …

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Central America | Belize – Placencia, or is it Shangra-La?

Day 5

Placencia is exactly my idea of a laid back beach locale. Some bungalows, some restaurants, few people. [Dear readers, let’s please keep it this way]. The beach is narrow (destroyed by Hurricane Mitch) but I adore the vibe …

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