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Asia | China – heading down the Yangtze

April 10, 2003

Cab driver dropped me, Coral & Marian nowhere near the docks. As we were trying to make our way down we were told by local ‘porters’ we were going the wrong way. As we tried to follow …

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Asia | China – 3 am, Beijing

I’ve been in Beijing about 12 hours and so far have had an extreme series of panic attacks? Why? No definitive answer to that. There are many reasons.
1. This is a difficult time to travel. Two days before my …

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Asia | China – Day 2 – the Great Wall

April 5, 2003
We set out 8:30 for the Great Wall. This is 2 hours outside Central Beijing. It’s awe-inspiring the way it’s built into the mountains. There’s the vendor gauntlet but I’m in good shape for it. It’s always, …

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Asia | China – More Adventures in Beijing

April 6, 2003

Started out this morning at 9 to go to Tianemen Square. Not that’s impressive. Ope air space between Mao’s Mausoleum and Parliament building. Meant to hold 1 million people for speeches, etc. Again, we were the tourist …

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Asia | China – So far, soooo good!

Today is my 4-month anniversary of arriving in China! I’m struggling to get my head round the speed the weeks and months are going by at. This diary entry is the last 4 months condensed!:
So china is an amazing …

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Asia | China – Going placidly amidst the noise and … chaos

First of all, a very Happy Thanksgiving to my family and friends in Canada. Walter, Christine, Rose – thanks for being there, loving me, and supporting me. Lesa, Peter, Michelle, and Mark – thanks for (usually)going easy on my siblings, …

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Asia | China – It’s Chining, It’s Pouring

At 2 in 1.3 billion, the odds were against us from the start. While meandering through the backwaters of Southeast Asia there wasn’t even a hint of the teeming mass of humanity that was hovering above us to the north. …

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Asia | China – Down the Yangzi

It was fifty-three years to the day that Mao Zedong had proclaimed the birth of a new China. We gathered our gear and walked through the metropolitan center of Chongqing, dwarfed by towering high-rises and blinded by neon billboards. It …

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Asia | China – The Middle Kingdom of the 21st Century

The distance from summer to autumn was bridged in 18 hours in the relative comfort of a sleeper bus, which, for the record, is a surprisingly civilized way to travel as long as the frequent hairpin turns don’t find you …

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Asia | China – The Roof of the World or Thereabouts

Patagonia, Altiplano, Bujumbura, Timbuktu –
Serengeti and the Yukon, Caledonia and Kathmandu.
Their prose is never-ending but discovery is left to you.

The magical names of faraway places have set generations of travellers and explorers in motion. Yes, sometimes just …

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