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Asia | China | Beijing – Anniversaries and Adversities – the Beijing Bike Theft

Marking a few anniversaries, and being a bike theft victim, I’m a little bummed out here in Beijing. On the anniversary of my mother’s death, the bike theft is an inconvenient loss of steel, foam, and rubber. I’ll get a …

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Asia | China | Beijing – Last Days in China

We arrived in Beijing fresh and ready to sort out the important stuff – Russian visas and train tickets to Mongolia. Once we’d completed the palaver of haggling for a hotel room (no easy feat for a foreigner in China!) …

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Asia | China | Beijing – Going back to my Chinese ROOTS

So I smacked Beijing last Friday after a fairly uneventful journey by train. Actually that’s not entirely true. At the Mongolian border with China the police/customs woman took away my passport for a while, probably to check and see whether …

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