Caribbean Islands | Trinidad and Tobago – Why Guatemala

Caribbean Islands | Trinidad and Tobago – Why Guatemala

This is more of a blog like entry but say what.

A lot of people have asked me why Guatemala. Trinis are not exactly adventureous souls.

So why Guatemala.

Well I know this is kind of morbid but then it goes with my profession- shan’t elaborate.

Anyway I sort of want to see what it looks like after, I mean Civil War.

Right now in Trinidad the murder rate for last year was at an all time high of 385.

Today we are at 85 roughly one per day.
And when they killed a US veteran the FBI came down and rounded up two soldiers and some others. They buried an old woman alive, she just ran a snacket (small corner shop).

There have been calls for states of emergency and the government is taking land by compulsory acquisition law.

I mean they want to take my local sports grounds, that is a home field for both rugby and football clubs.

The decay is systemic, too many people are walking around who have been shot at and spent nights tied up in cane fields.

For me it has reached less than the six degrees of separation. And if you are kidnapped you can not go to the police, they are in with the kidnappers, well some.

SO it is bandit killing bandit but bank worker(teller) loses leg after her ankle gets blown out in the crossfire.

I need to learn the Mayan god for peace.

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