Caribbean Islands | Trinidad and Tobago – Moving On

Caribbean Islands | Trinidad and Tobago – Moving On

I have decided to end this diary because it is time to move on.

The trip is over although most of it was not actually recorded here.

But I did learn what I wanted to know before I went there.

The question I asked is how do you know when a Civil war has started.

The answer is you don’t. Things progress slowly.

You get accustomed to the whispers of things happening but they are not happening to anyone you know personally.

Then slowly some things slip and are reported in the media if there is one.

Then someday if you are lucky or unlucky depends on how you see it, someone you know will tell you stories. Stories about how they have been brutalised by the police.

You will hear stories of people being thrown out their houses with government sanction.

You will be stopped by a road block and upon not being to show a farmers registration card , which you later learn you cannot get because you do not own ‘enough’ land, and your goods are seized at gunpoint. They are ‘stolen’ goods.

You will get accustomed to the army being stationed on the outskirts of town to provide protection from ‘criminal elements’.

The leader of the opposition will be thrown in jail and his seat vacated.

As I write this the head of the judiciary is being put under house arrest. And a state of emergency is about to be declared.

And no one in the outside world will care, so long as we continue providing gas to light Boston and buy weapons for national defense from Israel.

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