Caribbean Islands | Trinidad and Tobago – Botanical Gardens am

Caribbean Islands | Trinidad and Tobago – Botanical Gardens am

Part of the preparation for the hiking in Guatemala is to walk to work. I have been doing this about a month now and it involves a ten minute short cut through the Botanical Gardens.

I have to say I have come to really enjoy these ten minutes.
I mean how many people get to see skies, flowers, trees on their daily commute.

The garden is well maintained and I would like to big up all of the workers who keep it that way.

I really marvel at the skill with which they use an swiper. Like a sickle with a flat edge swung to cut grass.

This huge broom as a rake made out of some type of palm branch. Very efficient.

I have seen a family of squirrels at play and a huge flock of black birds- I don’t know bird name, covering the grass looking for grubs.

Last week two dogs walked with me for the last ten minutes or so. This was a hassle at the time as they were big and you have to give them their space. But obiviously not strays, don’t know where their owner was though.

One morning there was a rainbow over the fine drizzle as I walked it.

Keep your cars.

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