Caribbean Islands | Trinidad and Tobago – Are the oceans rising?

Caribbean Islands | Trinidad and Tobago – Are the oceans rising?

So we went to surf’s Inn today. Great food. I highly recommend.

But what has happened to the north coast beaches?

So we walk down to the beach and go great it is high tide. I don’t really make a habit of checking the weatherman.

And the water is quite rough. But as we walked along the beach we realised it was in fact low tide. Except it was reaching about where high tide used to be, certainly last October, which was the last time I had been on that beach.

Now how to read a beach?

Well high tide mark. Look for the young coconut trees. Coconuts do not germinate unless they are out of the water.

Low tide this is a little trickier. But there are different types of seaweed, moss, lichen and the like. If you live in a place you will have some idea what grows where. Hopefully.

So I see the clingy green seaweed on some old coconut logs on the beach and realise the water is just about lapping them.

Realisation this is low tide. High tide the beach dissappears. The inlet past the peninsula on the right of the beach if you are facing the shore is no longer accessible.

Looks like the oceans are rising.

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