Australasia | New Zealand | South Island | Christchurch – Off the ice

Australasia | New Zealand | South Island | Christchurch – Off the ice

Flew to Christchurch this morning. Five hour flight. They shuttled us out to the ice runway four hours before take off, I can’t imagine why but this is the norm. Left Antarctica at 1 am and arrived in Cheech at 5 am. We layed in the grass outside the airport and stopped to smell every flower we passed.

I left the Pole a week ago and have been in McMurdo until now. Being there was like being on a vacation without leaving. The weather was warm, got to hang out with friends, went on hikes, ate, slept, napped, went to the gym, watched movies, called home. The sun was dropping, still daylight all the time but night is definitely on it’s way. McMurdo is like a college campus while Pole is like a work camp. Returning to McMurdo felt like coming home after spending time at the Pole.

Cheech, or Christchurch, is so familiar. It’s like I was here just a month ago, instead of five and a half months ago. Went to breakfast with Polies, made plans for this afternoon and tomorrow and tomorrow we’ll make plans to hang out the next day. But one day soon we are parting whereas before when we were here we were embarking on an adventure together. This is a little sad and we are just hanging on to the past right now. But it is great to be back and some of us will run into each other in other places and many will be back here next year.

Strange to be listening to the radio. Same songs are playing as when I left.

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