Australasia | New Zealand – Itinerary

Australasia | New Zealand – Itinerary

Before leaving on this ‘Wojo in the World’ journey of discovery, there is much to do. ‘Wojo’, incidentally, is just a silly nickname that a co-worker gave me several years ago. I’ll try not to bore you with the mundane details of planning in this first page, but instead reveal the itinerary and some thoughts behind the choices.

Like many others, I’ve dreamed of going around the world for many years. Now finally, that dream is becoming a reality. The circumstances that allow it aren’t happy, but they are what they are and I’ll talk about that later.

While planning this trip, my younger brother – sage that he is – said to me, ‘You know you can never see everthing you want to see in this world, so it becomes about choices. No matter how much time you have, you can never see it all.’ How true that is. So, I’ve thought long and hard about where I can go and want to go. I love nature and wildlife, history as it exists in the world today, and spending time with friends and family, so this trip has been planned with those things in mind. I also believe in people doing good things to make more good things happen in the face of adversity, so I will do what I can to participate in that where I find it. For now, let’s just get going on the journey.

On February 4th, 2004, I fly from Vancouver to Christchurch, New Zealand to start my trip. The ‘subject-to-change’ itinerary is as follows:

Cycling New Zealand’s south island with friends, and then a car trip around the North Island before flying to Sydney;

Mardi Gras in Sydney with friends followed by some travel in the south east of Australia and some flights to a few select places like the Great Barrier Reef for some snorkling or diving;

Then it’s off to South-East Asia to climb Mount Kinabalu and shoot a documentary in Laos to support an effort to remove land mines and more;

A trip to the most populous nation on the planet is next, with a focus on the big attractions near Beijing, the provinces near Vietnam, and what I hope is a personal highlight, some time on the roof of the world – Tibet;

Then, it’s off to work again in Bhutan after a brief stop in Nepal. Then a visit to India visiting some of the places in the North that I missed on my last trip. Hopefully there’s some pleasant surprises in this leg of the journey – maybe a Royal Invitation?

They say that once you have been to Africa, it never leaves you, so I’ll go. I’ll go on safari in Krueger National Park, visit villages, and feel the heat of the desert in Namibia;

I still haven’t stopped dreaming. I haven’t stopped dreaming of the pyramids since I saw the King Tut exhibition so many, many years ago – so I’ll go there too;

Then it’s overland up to Kapadokya to take a hot air ballon ride, experience the turkish baths, and bargain for a rug in the bazaars of Istanbul;

Europe has much to offer, so there’s no time limit or set itinerary – only that I intend to visit the cafes of Amsterdam, the hills of Ireland, the Colliseum, the towers of Paris and Pisa, as many galleries as possible, and end up in Madrid before flying to NYC for a couple of nights in the Big Apple;

Finally, a holiday with family in Canada before heading home. It’s not all of the world, but it’s plenty.

Where I’ll bike and where I won’t, I’m not sure, but I am very grateful to Michael and Aaron at Black Sheep Bike Shop for making my bike ride like a dream. Thank you so much guys! You rock! And thank you to my family in T.O., great friends in Vancouver, online here at worldsurface and TT for helping me out, and for such great wishes of luck, love, laughter, and happiness. You’ll be in my heart. I’m hoping you enjoy this trip and the upcoming images along with me wherever you are. Welcome to ‘Wojo in the World’ Part I.

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