Australasia | Australia | Western Australia | Perth – A typical day…

Australasia | Australia | Western Australia | Perth – A typical day…

Sleeping-in gives you the kind of satisfaction nothing can…just lying there, falling in and out of sleep and just rolling in bed for ages…ahhhh….bliss.

Alas the day has begun and it’s only a matter of time before the phone starts ringing and friends are dying to head out and do something!

Finding discipline from somewhere I never knew existed, I sat down at my desktop and finished scanning a set of 48 slides for a friend and proceeded to design a logo and business card for a company set to launch on Christmas Day.

All that done, I drove down to freo to deliver the scanned slides – nice drive down the coast, I live in Scarborough, by the beach. Went on to meet some friends at the river and we were rollerblading for slightly over an hour as we watched the sun set.

Grabbed dinner on the way home and came back home to do more work. Don’t know how much got done…I’m still ploughing through.

It’s now 10 minutes past midnight and my eyes are starting to close…so I think I’ll sign off now and head off to bed coz i’ll be waking at 6am for an early morning surf.

Yeap…that’s the typical day…

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