Australasia | Australia | Victoria – No more pears

Australasia | Australia | Victoria – No more pears

After six weeks, we have finally picked our last pear. Sam did actually get a couple of weeks break from the picking when she got a job in the grading shed. This involved standing next to a conveyor belt, watching the pears trundle past, and picking out the rotten ones. For eight hours a day. Lovely! But at least it was paid by the hour.

Anyway, here are some pear-related facts:

Number of bins of pears picked: 101
Weight of pears in each bin: 400 kg (Sorry folks, Austrlia is metric)
Total weight of pears picked: 40.4 tonnes
Number of pears per bin: approx 2000
Total number of pears picked: 202000 (approx)
Number of rotten pears picked off conveyor belt: millions, probably
Number of consecutive days spent living in tent: 42

So it’s nice to be back to the real world.

More soon….

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