Australasia | Australia | Victoria | Melbourne – Bush Fire Rant…

Australasia | Australia | Victoria | Melbourne – Bush Fire Rant…

I saw this photo opportunity today. It is a once in a lifetime shot.. so I thought I would put it here and see what happens.

The travel industry will be hit again. People will get paranoid about travelling even though the risks are not much higher than before (unless you were planning on backpacking Bahgdad. Airlines will resrict services, some may go out of business and I will probably lose another heap of frequent flyer miles. All for what? Don’t let a couple or 3000 bombs stop you from wandering.

Also refrain from travelling with technological gear. Try to connect to the interenet in Melbourne with a laptop. Try to find a place to charge a digital camera. Try to get something fixed under warranty when you are in another country, irrespective of the world known brand like Compaq. Can’t be done. Bring on I say.

Anyway. Sydney on Sat, then KL on Tues.
End of rant.

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