Australasia | Australia | South Australia | Mount Gambier – Phillip Island and the Great Ocean Road

Australasia | Australia | South Australia | Mount Gambier – Phillip Island and the Great Ocean Road

So, after leaving the pearfields of Shepparton two weeks ago, we are back on the road.

We resumed our travels in Wilson’s Promontory, a wild and windswept national park which forms the most southerly point of mainland Australia. Compared to the inland warmth, it’s quite chilly at this time of year on the south coast, as there’s nothing between you and the Antarctic. We stayed in a cabin on a campsite, which had a proper bed in it, a luxury after the tent.

We then moved on to Phillip Island, a very popular holiday spot for people from Victoria. It’s a bit like the Isle of Wight, and even has towns called Cowes and Ventnor. The main attraction here is the ‘Penguin Parade’, which is dedicated to Little Penguins, a miniature species of penguin (about 10 in high) found in this part of Australia. You can sit and watch them come ashore every evening and waddle up to their burrows in the sand dunes. They’re very comical and cute, and seem to have a lot of trouble actually getting out of the sea, which is odd considering they do it every night.

We then continued our journey along the Great Ocean Road, heading west. This journey is supposed to be one of the most spectacular drives in the world, and it certainly was. We stopped off at some beautiful little seaside resorts along the way, and took plenty of time as there were so many scenic lookouts, waterfalls and other things to see. The towns of Anglesea, Torquay, Lorne, Apollo Bay and Port Campbell were very picturesque with lovely beaches. We saw the ‘Twelve Apostles’, coastal rock formations caused by erosion, which were spectaular at sunset.

Next stop was the historic fishing village of Port Fairy. It has pretty riverside views and lots of 19th century cottages. As it was our second wedding anniversary while we were there, we treated ourselves to a stay in a romantic cottage. We had gourmet breakfast delivered, and a spa bath for two. Fantastic!

We have now crossed the border into South Australia and are now in Mt Gambier, a small town built on the edge of an old volcanic crater. This contains the Blue Lake, which is a magnificent shade of blue.

We are now on our way to Adelaide, where we will have to part company with our car, Priscilla.

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