Australasia | Australia | Queensland | Wet Tropics | Port Douglas – Tropical North Queensland

Australasia | Australia | Queensland | Wet Tropics | Port Douglas – Tropical North Queensland

Have done loads since our last diary page – too busy to write! Spent a couple of days on North Stradbroke Island; the 2nd largest sand island in the world (after Fraser Island, which we are planning to visit on our way back down south). Spent all or time on the long, beautiful beach, which was virtually deserted so we had it all to ourselves. Had a cheap big dinner in the local Bowls club – loads of olds there, but the food was great.

On leaving ‘Straddie’ (as the locals call it – the Aussies shorten any word they can) we travelled by bus, ferry, bus, train, plane, and bus again all the way up to Cairns in Tropical North Queensland. It’s really quite warm up here! You definitely need a stubbie cooler for your beer or it warms up before you can drink it.

Cairns is a nice little city – thriving on the tourist industry. It’s a bit like a tropical version of Blackpool! We have been staying in a lovely little hostel called ‘Tropic Days’, owned and run by a couple, very friendly and clean with a nice pool and garden. Also we get free meal vouchers for a local pub. The free meals are quite small, but for a couple of dollars you can upgrade them to a lovely steak!

Last week we went on a boat trip out to the Great Barrier Reef, and went snorkelling on the reef. It was fantastic! I had never been snorkelling before so I was a bit nervous, but once I got going I didn’t want to get out. We saw loads of different fish – I can’t remember what they were all called, except for parrot fish, but they were so beautiful. So were the corals, giant clams, and we also saw a couple of turtles which was great. On the boat on the way back, we were lucky enough to see a whale and baby. They came really close to the boat.

At the moment we are in Port Douglas for a couple of days. It’s about an hours drive north of Cairns. Port Douglas is very nice – there are lots of expensive hotel resorts here. Have been to the beach and the local market.

Heading back to Cairns tomorrow.

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