Australasia | Australia | Queensland | Wet Tropics | Cairns – Weekend in Cairns

Australasia | Australia | Queensland | Wet Tropics | Cairns – Weekend in Cairns

Today started with some room service breakfast overlooking the mud flats. The hotel gave us a bottle of champagne upon arrival, so we picked up some orange juice last night and had mimosas this morning.

When we left the room for a morning stroll, we did just that, stroll. Down the boardwalk to the left (North-west), and then back down the other way to the shops. Mostly just looking – mostly. I did pick up a pair of wonderful slippers that are kangaroo on the outside and lamb skin on the inside. Fabulous! Wandering the market we found an opal vendor under a temp tent. He chooses his own opals from the mines, then sculpts them and sets them. He could even explain to me what a yowah-nut is. I have been looking for a few days for ‘my opal’ and I knew it wasn’t going to be a ‘classic’ setting. I narrowed it down to a blue opal from the Koroit mine set in circular white gold and green opal with a less traditional setting from the Quilpie mine. John made the final choice and I love it 🙂

Saturday night we had reservations for Flames of the Forest Dinner. They pick you up and then we took a LONG drive into the rainforest. Here there are tables set up and you have dinner by candlelight. It is a magical experience. We even saw two bandicoots that live at the site wandering around. The hosts heard we were on our honeymoon, so we gained a bottle of wine from the evening.

Sunday we walked the difficult two blocks to St. John’s Anglican Church. Difficult, because I kept wanting to stop and look at the flowers on the trees. This red tree is in the church yard, and one of my favorites of the whole trip.

Dinner was back on the Strand at a restaurant called the Raw Prawn. We had been walking by the signboard all week advertising “A Hop, Skip, Hump and a Jump” as a dinner special. That would be an emu, crocodile, camel and kangaroo plate. The camel did not taste like chicken; it was like a chewy steak.

Back to the hotel room to pack and get to bed early. Monday will come too early.

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