Australasia | Australia | Queensland | Wet Tropics | Cairns – Travelling the Tropics

Australasia | Australia | Queensland | Wet Tropics | Cairns – Travelling the Tropics

Have been so busy that we have’t updated the site for a month! So there is lots to tell…

After visiting Port Douglas, we came back to Cairns. We decided to buy a car so that we can go to all the places the buses don’t go, and travel back down the East Coast to Sydney for the summer (and Christmas!). So we have got a typical backpackers style car; a station wagon, filled with camping stuff so we can travel on a budget! She is called Priscilla.

Once we got Priscilla, we decided to go north to Cape Tribulation (as far north as you can go along the coast unless you have a 4 wheel drive). The beaches there are beautiful and deserted, and the edge of the rainforest meets the beach, with the Reef just a short way out. The forest in the area is also home to lots of wildlife, including cassowaries, bandicoots, quolls and feral pigs, which wandered the campsite at night.

On the route back south, we went on a cruise on the Daintree river, home to some very large estuarine crocodiles. They are definitely not the kind of tame wildlife that you can feed – the boats all keep a very respectful distance.

We have spent the last two weeks in the Atherton Tablelands – this is an area West of Cairns, but up in the mountains so the climate is very different – warm days without the usual tropical humidity, and cool nights. It’s a big dairy area, and looks a bit like Switzerland. There are lots of beautiful waterfalls and old-fashioned towns. After a couple of days camping, we spent a week and a half doing our first WWOOFing (Willing Workers on Organic Farms), which is a work for keep programme were you work on a property in exchange for board and food. We stayed with a couple called Sunny and Virginia, who were great company, didn’t work us much, and cooked wonderful Asian food.

Now we’re about to set off down the coast from Cairns again. Next stop Mission Beach….

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