Australasia | Australia | Queensland | Wet Tropics | Cairns – First day in Cairns

Australasia | Australia | Queensland | Wet Tropics | Cairns – First day in Cairns

We woke up at 4:30 AM and decided we would watch the sunrise over the ocean from our beachfront balcony. There were two problems with this idea.

First, the room was not facing directly East. We thought it would be because the town is on the Eastern edge of the continent and we had a view of the water in front of us. We figured this out when it was almost 5:30 and we still could not see the sun. There was large hill to our right. Behind that hill seemed to the true East where the sun was rising.

Second, we didn’t really have an beach front room. The body of water within our view is the coral sea, and there was no beach. There were some mudflats that came up to a wooden boardwalk. Wow, nothing says romantic morning like mud flats swarming with gulls and insects and mud critters!

About 5:30 we decided to wander into town and see what there was to see. The shopping district (read: the tourist crap for sale district) is about three blocks away from our hotel. It is about three blocks wide by four blocks long. Anything a tourist would want to buy, postcards, t-shirts, knick-knacks, opals, opals, opals, sunscreen, whatever, is for sale in this area. Along with LOTS of restaurants.

We decided to have breakfast and stopped at a cafe. Lots of outside seating along the street with a view of the water. It seems if you ar on street level, you don’t notice the mudflats and you just look out towards the water in the distance. Nice effect. I had a poached egg on salmon on toast with a hollandaise sauce. Yummy salmon. The salmon here comes from Tasmania. Yummy salmon.

After breakfast we returned to the room for a nap! In the afternoon, we journeyed over to the local botanic garden. Lots of tropical plants just out in the wild. I found out here that the battery in the digital camera will die long before the memory card gets filled up.

We walked back from the botanic garden to the hotel. On the way I picked up some postcard stamps at $1.10 each. Ouch! That adds up when you send as many postcards as I do! So I “just” picked up fifty, and went on my way.

Dinner was at the Bayleaf Restaurant. It is an Indonesian Restaurant a that John found in the phone book. I loved it, of course! We shared an Indonesian Rjafistjel which is a Dutch word that means something like “buffet” or “many parts”. We started with prawn, chicken and lamb sate. The second course was a chicken and sweet potato soup which had a flavor of bayleaf and chili (no shallots in theirs Kim!!!). The main course was a selection of duck, fish, prawn, pork, beef, chicken and vegetables. Each taste was served to the table in a small serving for two, with all the different meats on one big serving tray. The desert course was black rice pudding. A wonderful meal. A wonderful end to a wonderful first day.

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