Australasia | Australia | Queensland | South East | Hervey Bay – Whale watching, A morning to remember..

Australasia | Australia | Queensland | South East | Hervey Bay – Whale watching, A morning to remember..

I don’t feel in the mood to write about what happend in Brisbane, instead I decided to share my day at Harvey Bay, Fraser Island.

The day started very early, at 4:00 am. I didn’t had a clue at this time about what had happend just a couple of hours before on the other side of the world.

I first got the news on the boat, and thought the tourguide made a very sick joke. But I wasn’t sure… He was too serious, too much details, so I took my binoculars and looked at the TV-screen of another boat across the pier. I saw a firefighters and started to belive the story of our tourguide. Yet, it was hard to belive.

We then started our tour to watch one of the most beautifull an peacefull creaturs in the world, whales, to be exact ‘hunchback whales, the fifth largest animal in the world.

The first whale I saw was jumping out of the water, a very powerfull moment. We later watched a group of four whales and followed them about 2 hours before we had to go back.

The five hours on the boat went by very fast, we all talked about the possiblity of the story the tour guide told us, if this could be true.

All my fears came true when we finally got back to the harbour and I first walked into a restaurant which had the TV set switched on. I had planed to rent a bike that day, to go around Hervey Bay, but that was impossible for me. Instead I spend the whole day at the hostel, following the shocking news from New York. I have a relative in New York, and of course the whole worldsurface crew, which I knew work at Wall Street.

It was a big relive to read that the whole worldsurface team was doing well, and I feel very sorry for all those, who where on the planes,in the World Trade Center or at the Pentagon. Thanks for updating the page and sharing your thoughts, even during such a horrible event!

Hervey Bay was a very quiet and strange place that day, everybody was talking about what had happend that day, and a taxidriver told me it was the most quiet day for him ever since.

It’s hard to belive what happend, I know that the world has changed that morning, it’s never going to be the same again.

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