Australasia | Australia | Queensland | South East | Brisbane – Days in Bris-Vegas, or the story of…

Australasia | Australia | Queensland | South East | Brisbane – Days in Bris-Vegas, or the story of…

… how I saved some bucks in accomondation, thanks to my mate Severin who currently studies in Brisbane.

I arrived in Brisbane on the 8th of August, and after my first night, which I spent at a Irish pub in ‘Garden City'(a shopping and entertainment center). Brisbane got it’s second name (Bris-Vegas) because of it’s active nightlife. Active nightlife…

On the 9th of August, my friend showed me around Brisbane and it’s most important sights wich included a the city hall and a ferry ride on the Brisbane river. If you have some time in Brisbane, visit the New Farm Park , a very nice spot to relax and have BBQ or something like that.

Later that day we visited the final ceremonies of the Goodwill Games, a major sport event in Brisbane. This included a INXS concert (the rest of the group with a new singer) and a huge firework. Good fun and best of all, for free.

10th of September, Campus
I spend a couple of hours infront of a PC University, to keep up with my writing for Worldsurface and to send some emails to my friends, which hadn’t heard from me for a while.

11th of September, Brisbane to Hervey Bay
Half of the day on the bus, listening to Travis – The invisible band, my favourit CD on this trip… I guess most of the people don’t know Hervey Bay, but if I mention Fraser Island, probably everone will say Ahhhh – biggest sand-island of the world! Right, and Hervey Bay is the place you arrive at if you want to explore Fraser Island. Hervey Bay itselfe dosen’t offer a lot, a bit of beach, a bit of nighlife, but nothing real important. The real impressive happening in Hervey Bay takes place between about 6:00 and 8:30 pm. Thousends of “fruit bats” huge and scary-looking animals occupie the sky.

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