Australasia | Australia | Queensland – Down on the farm

Australasia | Australia | Queensland – Down on the farm

Have spent the last three weeks working for our keep on a farm in rural Queensland, near Murgon. We are actually back in Brisbane now, but we had no internet access while we were there, so I’m writing this page now.

The farm had cattle, horses, chooks, two mad dogs and a vineyard. They made their money by growing grapes and selling the wine. There wasn’t much to see in terms of wine production though – as it’s winter and all the vines are being pruned, but we did get to taste plenty of wine! Grape picking is done in January, when the temperatures can reach 45 degrees, hot! It wasn’t that hot while we were there, though. It was very cold at night, often below freezing, and could be very windy too. It was quite warm in the sun during the day, usually around 20.

While we were there, we worked for five hours a day in exchange for our accomodation and meals, which were great. We had our own cabin overlooking the dam, and plenty to eat, and drink! We did lots of gardening, cleaned the outside of the house and all the windows, cleaned the car, and the dog! It was nice to be doing something instead of being tourists for a while. There was another girl (from Lancashire)working there too, who we got to know quite well. She is back in Brisbane now too so we are planning to meet up next week.

Working on the farm was a great experience. We are thinking about joining a scheme for workers on organic farms, and going to another place soon. It’s not like working outdoors at home – there were loads of different birds we spotted and fantastic views. The sky at night was spectacular – with no light pollution from any towns you could see thousands of stars really clearly.

So now we are deciding what to do next. Need to earn some money soon or we will run out! May continue looking for jobs here, or move on up to Cairns.

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