Australasia | Australia | New South Wales | Sydney – Doing nothing in Sydney

Australasia | Australia | New South Wales | Sydney – Doing nothing in Sydney

Decided to send out another bulletin even though I have spent the last few months basically doing absolutely nothing. But it has come to my attention that a few of you are actually interested in my travels, so I fell it is unfair of me to deprive you any further.

Yes, I’m still in Sydney. Its kind of turning into a big fat nightmare, solely of my own making. I keep putting off leaving so I can earn more money, but as soon as I earn anything I spend it all. So you’ll be happy to see that nothing’s changed in that department.

Had to leave my fabulous job at Sydney Ferries coz I was over the 3 month limit. Damn it!! Decided that was the best job I’ve ever had, and you know I’ve had a lot. I’ve moved from Newtown, for those of you familiar with Sydney, and have managed to leave the evil bitch flatmate behind. So am now in Potts Point with a flat overlooking the harbour complete with a roof terrace which is great except for when you have to hit the ground at night coz of all the bats flying overhead. Nasty creatures!!!!

Just managed to break my tooth 2 hours ago. Don’t ask. So am now panicking in case my insurance doesn’t cover dental. I knew this would happen to me.

Finally going to be leaving Australia at the beginning of September and will be arriving back in the UK in the middle of January.

Off to find a dentist now

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