Australasia | Australia | New South Wales | Byron Bay – Lots of rain in Byron Bay

Australasia | Australia | New South Wales | Byron Bay – Lots of rain in Byron Bay

We arrived in Byron Bay on Sunday. The weather was gorgeous, there are lots of beautiful beaches here, and we found a lovely little hostel to stay in. So we decided to stay for the week and spend some time on the beach relaxing. Until it started to rain. And that is all it has done for three days. Rain. Heavily. Like in a thunderstorm at home, but constantly, 24 hours a day. It’s such a shame. But at least we have been able to watch Wimbledon on telly.

Byron Bay is a very sixties type of place; full of hippies and people offering alternative therapies. Met a lovely man on the beach on Monday called Beautiful. He was dressed entitirely in pink and has a long white beard. He called us ‘lovely couple’ and said hello to everyone who went past, and scattered flowers all around. Actually he’s quite famous here, you can buy t-shirts with him on!

Had a surprising experience yesterday – bumped into someone we went to University with: Tamsin who was on my biology teaching course. She has been travelling around NZ and is visiting Oz before she travels home in a couple of months. We went for a drink in the pub and had a chat. Amazing, isn’t it. Meeting someone you know by chance in a little town on the other side of the world!

Well, we are travelling on to Brisbane tomorrow. Have booked a hotel for the first couple of nights – in need of a little bit of luxury. Will give us time to look for a nice hostel to stay in for a while as we’re planning on looking for work in Brisbane for a bit.

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