Asia | Taiwan, Republic of China – Banking Hell!

Asia | Taiwan, Republic of China – Banking Hell!

January 2, 2004

Picked up my new ATM card today. I made Todd come with me to the post office/bank. Poor guy. And I took some money out with it already, and it seemed to work ok. Whew. They told Ariel that they just started using a new program for the machines and they are not working too well. Hmmm.

Some scooter trouble. Trouble starting sometimes. I can and do kick start it, but sometimes this even takes some doing. Todd took it into a mechanic last week and we thought it was fixed, but since then it is still having problems. I really dont know what I would do without Todd and Ariel! They spoil their staff rotten! They gave Jeff and I our birthdays off without it counting as vacation days too. And we had our birthdays the same week, his on a monday and mine on friday.

Today I have oral tests in one of my classes, a Gogo class. I like this part of teaching a lot. We get to spend about 5 minutes with each students, and ask them questions from the course material. It really is a time to connect with the kids. I think it is really a nervous time for them, cause they seem to be really shy when they walk in. I try and be kind and smiley and yes, goofy so that they relax, and a lot of them do. But this is definately the hardest part of learning a new language, talking to someone who speaks it fast. I do slow down quite a bit from my regular speaking pace, but this is still faster than they speak it. Some of the kids have total fun with it and even make up funny answers for the questions, but there are only 2-3 per class that do this. Most of them answer in the proper way, maybe crack a smile, and most let out a big sigh when it is done. Next class they will have their written test for this level, and if they pass both they go onto the next level class.

Well, I have monthly reviews to do for my classes, so have to head into work now. AM very tired and a bit queesy. I did finish those tortilla chips and salsa last night, but felt very sick afterwards. ouch. haha.


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