Asia | South East Asia | Vietnam | South Central coast | Nha Trang – The Van

Asia | South East Asia | Vietnam | South Central coast | Nha Trang – The Van

We headed to Dalat station next day where we were waylaid by these boys driving a 10 seater van who were doing the run to Ho Chi Minh. Grand – we got in at the back but the van didn’t leave until the boys had managed to squash about 30 people into the van – quite an achievement.

There was no air-conditioning but that didn’t matter because there was so many holes in the van that there was a steady breeze coming at you from every angle when the van was moving.

The journey was terrible. 6 hours squashed into this van was pure hell. Every now and again one of the organisers would spot someone on the road and roar at the driver to stop. He’d get out and practically force the person he saw on the road to get into the van and go to Ho Chi Minh.

People would periodically disembark as well. When this happened, the van would cruise around trying to persuade people to go to Ho Chi Minh until the van was jammed again before heading off.

We made it in the end, although I reckon if the journey had lasted another 10 minutes I would have killed someone.

We arrived at around 4.30pm and spent the rest of the day wandering around the market. Ollie had a fierce bargaining session with one girl over a T-shirt and once negotiations were concluded he asked her out. She said OK and that she’d bring her two sisters, so Ollie recruited myself and Robin.

Robin by the way didn’t come on our motorbike trip. He went instead to Nha Trang where the beach is and burnt himself to a nice shade of lobster red. He arrived back in HoChiMinh a day early because the sunburn was so sore.

So we went to this mad restaurant for the last night with these girls – they were very friendly. After the restaraunt it was on to karaoke which the Vietnamese seem to enjoy as much as the Japanese do.

So thats it really. The only bad thing was that 8 days is far too short to see the place. We didn’t get up to the north at all, or to Nha Trang, or Hue, or the Capital – Hanoi, which is right up at the very North of Vietnam. Hopefully I’ll get to go back again at some stage though ……………….

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