Asia | South East Asia | Vietnam | South Central coast | Cam Ranh – I’m here!!! In Viet Nam!

Asia | South East Asia | Vietnam | South Central coast | Cam Ranh – I’m here!!! In Viet Nam!

I arrived safe and sound Thursday morning June 3 rd in Saigon. My youngest uncle and his girlfriend, another uncle, his wife and three children, and a friend of the family (the driver) came to pick me up. They had a big sheet of paper that said my name on it so that we would find each other.
First stop was some sort of theme park in Saigon. We didn’t stay long, just made a quick tour. Then we went by a restaurant before driving to my grandparents house which is in the Cam Ranh district pretty close to Nha Trang. Vietnam is beautiful. The mountains are very green and the sea very blue.
My grandmother came up to me and hugged me for the longest time even before I got out of the van. She is so sweet and I am so sad I do not speak Vietnamese. My arm was thoroughly squeezed in all possible ways, and yes my arm is fatter then theirs.., but then I found out it was only because they were worried the bracelet I was given wouldn’t fit (it did, a little tight, but it did fit).
The house is big, and they had prepared a room for me. Well it’s more or less a room when you pull a curtain. I love it. They’ve put in a desk, a closet for my clothes, and a huge bed. The bed looks like to me like a big table with a mattress on, my mosquito net is like a blue tent – I can stand up on my knees without my head touching, and a bag to sleep in made of sheets (lakenpose!) – it’s great, even has a pocket to put the pillow in. And there are two deer sculptures standing right outside my window. The garden is big and full of sculptures my grandfather make; animals, warriors, and pots.
So who lives here? I’m still not sure. But my grandparents, and at least one aunt, maybe both. Maybe the twins and their baby sister (my youngest aunt’s children). And now I.

Day two my uncle’s wife said to me to come along. I had my hair washed lying down (!) on a bench, then my scalp was massaged, and then my face and neck. My finger- and toenails were cut, polished and painted (three times because I bumped them into something before the stuff dried..), my entire face shaved (!!!!!!) and at last my hair cut.
They’ve also taken me shopping, and want to buy me things all the time.
That same evening, around 5pm we went to the beach and had a swim with all our clothes on (like all the other on the beach). The water was really nice, really warm. And when we stepped out of the water my uncle made us all stand on the grass and rinsed the salty water off us with well water pulled up in a bucket again and again. Then we rode home on the motorbikes. And did you know that you can easily transport a family of five on one motorbike? And did you know that after riding for a long time your knees sort of lock?

It’s strange, they throw garbage everywhere, but still it seems so clean here. They go barefoot indoors, still their feet are clean, not the least gray. You even take your sandals off when you step into a shop. I love it!

The food is very good. But as always not easy to be a vegetarian.. *sad face*
I’m doing (eating) all the things tourists are warned against; accepting drinks with ice cubes for instance – but how can I say no???
They also feed me frequently, and much. But I think they are beginning to realize that I do not have American eating habits..
They say I drink much water like the tourist, but my body is too small for a foreigner.

What else is there to write?
I’m happy I’m here. I guess I’ll get used to never being alone, and of being crowded by my cute cousins aLL the time (like right now for instance..)
One more thing: if you think a Vietnamese five year old is small for his age, it’s only because they count years differently then in Norway. When a baby is born it is already about nine months old, and then they also have the Chinese calender. According to them I’m 23..

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