Asia | South East Asia | Vietnam | Mekong Delta | Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) – Going to Saigon to change the date on my return ticket

Asia | South East Asia | Vietnam | Mekong Delta | Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) – Going to Saigon to change the date on my return ticket

Came back from Saigon this morning. I went there with uncle 6 to change the date on my return ticket (there are only Air France offices in Saigon and Hanoi) and to see the city. I had decided to spend a whole year here. Give Vietnam a fair chance; try to understand the Vietnamese ways, get to know my family, learn the language. And I hope to learn something more about myself this way, about my father and why some things happened and other things didn’t, figure out my puzzle, get answers to questions I’ve had for so long.
My father has plans of coming to Vietnam for Tet, the New Year on the lunar calendar which is sometime in January. There was talk of him coming shortly after I came, in July, but that didn’t happen. I guess I was relieved. Put it of just a little longer. And I get a chance to get to know everyone without him interfering (even though he is very present through phone calls, it feels like he knows about everything I do and say here).
Besides that I try to enjoy just being. Not having to earn money or study for an exam. I’m learning to sow, and maybe I’ll come home a tailor! I wonder if it’s possible to work as a tailor in Norway.. Next month I start getting guitar lessons. All in all, I’m just doing things I like. The summer holidays are soon over for my cousins and I wonder what it will be like without them around all the time. No one to play backgammon or ride bikes with but more time for writing letters and reading books. I bought several English books in Saigon, I started reading George Eliot’s “The Mill on the Floss” today.

Saigon was hot and crowded and I liked it. There was lots of Hanjafood.
It turned out I couldn’t change the date yet as my return will be next year, but I cancelled my return in October and reserved a seat on a flight that miGHt be scheduled on May 31st. I’ll have to wait until March or April to confirm the date and pay the 25 dollars for the change. This also means that nothing’s really decided, and that I’m not sure when I’ll come back to Norway yet. In a way it’s good. I’ll have more time to think, nothing’s paid for yet, it’s like having an open return.

Saigon is a 7-8 hour bus ride south of Cam Duc. We arrived in the middle of the night, and a friend of my father (who lives in Saigon) came to pick us up. He’s a taxi driver and was our driver during the three days we were there. Very convenient.
He drove us to a hotel where we showered and rested. The next day a friend of my father’s wife came by the hotel. She took us sightseeing and shopping. Lots of shopping.. We went to several big markets. One of the nights I went out on motorbike with her. But most of Saigon I saw from the taxi, we drove around a lot.

So now I have lots of new clothes and my grandparents have lots of fish (dried, sliced, ground, in powder… fish in all forms). Most of it bought with money my father sent these two friends.

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