Asia | South East Asia | Vietnam | Far North | Hanoi – Ha Noi

Asia | South East Asia | Vietnam | Far North | Hanoi – Ha Noi


I arrived in Ha Noi 5 o’clock Saturday morning after a 24 hour train ride. The next best Vietnamese trains are a bit shabby, but I got there. It made me think of flying because everybody got their blanket, and breakfast, lunch and dinner was served. There was a western style toilet in one end of the car (with toilet paper! although pretty disgusting), and an eastern style one in the other end.
Nobody sat next to me the first third of the trip so that was a plus, after that it was a bit cramped. I finished reading Frankenstein and I slept well, they had to wake me when we got to Ha Noi.

I found a 5 star hotel and left my backpack before going out to look for breakfast. Ha Noi is colder so I first stopped at a place to buy some cheap sneakers (I’m … well.. “travelling light”…. I only brought my sandals), so now I’m wearing nice brown sneakers 🙂

There are plenty of lakes and old trees and of course guys calling ‘motorbike?’ after you from every corner. I walked around the lake in the old district, sat down on a bench and ate my sticky rice and watched lots of people doing all kinds of morning exercises – really amazing how many who were there doing different kind of exercises.
I walked around quite a bit just looking – went into several bookstores, and stayed for ages in one looking in black and white picture books that cost a fortune. Asked for some books I’ve been looking for for a while too, but no luck so far.

Back at the hotel the first thing I did was take a long hot shower, get into that thick white bathrobe and look at the view. And then I watched the news – on CNN and BBC and some Spanish channel.
I had a non-smoking room on the 15th floor, there were fresh flowers and a cute guy carried my backpack up for me. It’s just so nICE! Everything; the doors, the mirrors. the little soap cup.. There are thick soft wall to wall carpets, a big desk with a big comfortable office chair, huge windows, a great bed, a little couch and a thing to put your feet up on, a piano guy downstairs, a pretty girl standing at the entrance..
So most of Saturday I spent at the hotel, I took a bath and relaxed. Went out and had good food at a buddhist restaurant – a restaurant with tablecloths! (nice ones) And I went to sleep early and woke up late.

And today’s Sunday and I’ve found a cheap hotell that’s mostly for looking at the map, sleeping and showering.

It feels great to be here!

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