Asia | South East Asia | Vietnam – Bye Bye Beautiful Country

Asia | South East Asia | Vietnam – Bye Bye Beautiful Country

Day 16

Java Patisserie around the corner does not serve Vietnamese coffee. Screw that! I wound up in a diner-like place a lot of Vietnamese were eating at and got the real deal, though they tried to bring me nescafe first. Why do the Vietnamese think visitors want nescafe? Maybe they want to keep the good stuff for themselves. Didn’t have much time to enjoy this last drink, had to catch my plane.

I hate EVA air. Did I mention this on the way in? Two hour delay out of Taipei while waiting for their very delayed Manila flight to hook up with us; a flight which, for safety (‘saffty’) reasons should’ve been cancelled because Manila passengers we boarded and unboarded from said aircraft 3 times before taking off and being tramatized in air by an awful flight. Of course that outgoing Taipei –> Hanoi flight did wait 22 minutes for me to connect so it’s only fair I return the favor. So EVA arrives late in EWR and the whole cycle of missed connections begins anew.

Coming back with pounds and pounds of coffee would’ve, at one time, indicated I might be smuggling drugs. Luckily no one cares about that anymore in our heightened terror alerts.

This being my last trip for a while since I am returning to school, was an awesome one. Perhaps the best yet? I was so able to relax and dive into the experience and I heartily recommend Vietnam as a destination. I wish I’d had more time to explore. I’d like to go back and spend more time in Halong Bay, see the Perfume Pagoda, Perfume River, spend more time in Hue, etc etc etc. For now I have my amazing pictures to pore over and great memories.

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