Asia | South East Asia | Thailand | South Thailand | Ko Samui – Ko Samui and Hua Hin

Asia | South East Asia | Thailand | South Thailand | Ko Samui – Ko Samui and Hua Hin

Well, hello again! To all newcomers – this is my spam mail ‘Letter from A Broad’, I try to be discriminating about recipients, but sometimes there are some bugs….

Haven’t checked my email for over a week – Thailand has email places all over – so thought I would wean myself off it for a bit. But couldn’t sustain it for too long. Thanks everyone for all the emails, it’s really great hearing everyone’s news – keep ’em coming.

I’m now in Hua Hin – about 3 hours drive from Bangkok – it’s a bit like Thailand’s equivalent to Brighton. I arrived here at 3 in the morning – Sunday, Fortunately there was another couple getting off the bus, otherwise I was planning to go all the way to Bangkok and double back – a real shlep. We couldn’t find a hotel (they were all full!!!) so ended up sitting on the beach at Cha-am (about 25kms out of Hua Hin, drinking beer until 12 noon, as you can imagine didn’t get any sleep. I’m staying at a guest house called Fulay on the Sea, and it’s name is self explanatory as it’s ‘Fully’ on the sea, on a pier, you can hear the sea sloshing around under the room. It’s really, really clean and cheap – 250 baht a night, but the walls of the room are very thin and at low tide things get very smelly, so I’m going to look for somewhere else for tomorrow night.

Ko Samui was fabulous and dreadful, it was a cross between a beautiful tropical island, the Wild West and a gold rush town. Too many tattooed, pierced and basically ugly tourists. Too many girly bars and dodgy travel shops. You get the feeling that everyone is there to make a quick buck and they are not to worried how they achieve this aim. So everything was quite expensive, for Thailand anyway. It is a very touristy place, and although I’ve never been there, much as I would imagine Ibiza to be. Fortunately I stayed on the quieter side of the island, and I really relaxed. Wanna Samui was full of long term residents (as in they Wanna Some More – sorry, couldn’t resist that one) – they come back every year and stay for 3 to 4 months!!!!

After Hua Hin, I’m back to Bangkok, then off to Khon Kaen in the north-east to get my visa for Vietnam. Easiest and cheapest place to do this, USD 38, less than half the price of Bangkok. I have to decide whether I’m going to fly to Hanoi from Bangkok, or get there through Laos. Will keep you posted….

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