Asia | South East Asia | Thailand | South Thailand | Ko Samui – Christmas Day 2000

Asia | South East Asia | Thailand | South Thailand | Ko Samui – Christmas Day 2000

Chaweng Beach, Ko Samui

My days are idyllic, swimming in the sea, lying on the sand, having my body (henna) tattooed, drinking watermelon juice and hour long Thai massages that stretch my body.

Its all a bit touristy here though: The Red Lion, Club GB, ‘dj’s from england’ but i quite like North Chaweng. We got the boat from Hat Rin Sunset Beach (200 baht) to Buddha beach Ko Samui, then a taxi van to North Chaweng and a morning bungalow exploring. There is not a lot of cheap ones.

Chaweng is transitioning from a small travellers town to a fully fledged tourist destination and the cheap bungalows are being replaced by upscale resorts. We found some basic but good bungalows at ‘Your Place’ for 300 baht. Thatched rooves, hammocks, crap showers. Melody is in a 450 baht one, much improved. It is a long beach and there are cheaper places in South Chaweng but the beach isn’t as nice and there are rip tides.

Anyway North Chaweng takes a bit of getting used to. I hgated it at first compared to the brutal simplicity of Hat Yuan but it has its own little character (and only a slightly seedy underbelly) and everyone is impeccably dressed. ‘Diesel’ t shirts 200 baht, ‘Oakley’ board shorts 350 baht, ‘Prada’ wallets 400 baht. Not very real but it looks good all the same.

Anyway since arriving I really haven’t done a lot, just swimming, walking along the shore and eating really. Its all very relaxed.

As for other news, we are now 5 with the addition of Melody, we’re playing secret santa (I bought Penny a woolly bag to use on the beach instead of her rucksack) and i’ve booked a PADI dive course. Off tomorrow at 7:30 with 4 dives over the next 4 days.

I like the water, having rediscovered the joy of playing in the waves and its going to be nice to take that freedom of movement into a third dimension.

Meanwhile North Chaweng has a slight ‘vegas’ feel to it tonight. Lots of lights, in lots of tree’s with a soft Rock soundtrack.

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