Asia | South East Asia | Thailand | South Thailand | Ko Pha Ngan – ‘the sanctuary’

Asia | South East Asia | Thailand | South Thailand | Ko Pha Ngan – ‘the sanctuary’

Hat Rin is home to the Full Moon parties. The last a week ago got 6,000 people and all the guides talk about them. The next one is on January 10.

In India the shadows of the moon recorded my progress and its nice that its going to happen here too, but to continue, Hat Rin is ‘touristy’. It felt a bit like Greece 10 years ago. A gorgeous beach, a bay on each side of the town, clubs, bars, cafe’s, sand and loads of people on the beach. A bit Costa del sol really – but we walked down to the sea and got approached by a boatman to take us to Hat Thian.

The journey was all very cliched. 50 baht to clamber into a long neck boat laden with our rucksacks, the feeling of splashing through the sea onto the boat and off, and of course sitting with my top off, my hands trailing in the water. All very cliched but stunning none the less.

Anyway at the left of the bay (which is what Hat Thian seems actually to be) is the Sanctuary. – I do like it here – its a bit of a halfway house between Bangkok and the Jungle, but also between traveller and tourist. It has a very greenfields at Glastonbury vibe. Its a very chilled out place without feeling rebellious.

The crowd is mostly australians, french and english. Its all a bit ‘New Age’ and Penny thinks its full of ‘Stepford Wives but i quite like spending time there.

Thursday was sunny and i swam in the sea, today we woke up cloudy and it rained. poured. literally water falling from the sky.

(I was a bit caned and was struck by the thought that if this didn’t happen nothing else in our creation would work. This was complemented by watching fractals in the stream from penny’s bungalow while a male voice choir sung the internationale in my head. A mixture of awe, emotion and random thoughts. It was really rather nice)

I spent the afternoon in a hammock.

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