Asia | South East Asia | Thailand | South Thailand | Ko Pha Ngan | Hat Yuan – lost days

Asia | South East Asia | Thailand | South Thailand | Ko Pha Ngan | Hat Yuan – lost days

Now its Thursday and time is all very flowing. I feel like the last 5 days have been one long paradisial blur.

Saturday we checked out of the sanctuary and headed off through the hole in the wall to Hat Yuan.

We saw Hat Yaun from the boat from Hat Rin but apparently they don’t often land there as the waves are too big. Anyway over the rocks in some bizarre pseudo military maneouvre, getting glimpses of the prize. and once you’ve done the 20 minute trail the beach is gorgeous. Sandy bay, bungalow operations ranging in price from 100 – 400 baht.

3 of us stayed at ‘Bamboo Huts’ the 3rd set of bungalows, james stayed at the end. It felt good to get unpacked.

Anyway as it was saturday we decided to go to Hat Rin to watch the game and according to the map there was a trail. It took us 2 1/2 hours and it was breathtaking. Thailand is cliched. it is really nice. Our bay is surrounded by palm trees, the sand is golden, the sun is blue, i’m walking through a tropical rainforest. amazing thoughts.

We lost the trail, found the trail, got really sweaty and got bitten by mosquitos. It was a good walk. still not sure about Hat Rin though. Hat Tien was a bit pretentious, Hat Rin feels a bit cheap – although of the 2 it is not.

Anyway we discovered to Martin and James’ horror that the last boat back was at 7 and the game kicked off at 10. So we had a bit of a stroll – had a chicken sandwich at Mr K’s chicken corner (v good) and got the night boat back to Hat Tien. Us 4 and 2 Australian girls.

It was dark, the boat was pitching all over the place and the waves were getting big. The stars were out. I was having a whale of a time chatting away, but it was a bit hairy. ended up jumping out of the boat far too soon, getting very wet but helping to push the long tail into the beach.

A quick walk through The Sanctuary with wet shorts, over the rocks – next time must remember to bring a torch – and then home.

In the end we sat outside Martin’s bungalow with James in the hammock with the short wave radio and had a smoke while Middlesboro beat Chelsea and West Ham drew with Everton. Also found out that George won the election, which was a bit of a shame.

Sunday i did bugger all. I got up, had a smoke, had breakfast with Penny and Martin and then swam in the sea, all day. I can’t describe how lovely it is. In the middle of the bay outside ‘Lucky Fish’ is a sandbank and whenever i got tired i swam to there and then went back to play in the water.

Its all very spiritual, watching the waves coming (and they come in sets of 3), rolling over them, bodysurfing the top. They are gorgeous here and the sea was content to just play with me today.

My skin got a bit crispy later in the day, so we walked down to James’ set of bungalows and eat there. Thai food, 40 baht, you can’t say no really. I spent the evening playing cards and drinking large changs with the 3.

Monday, i got up, had a smoke, did bugger all. Day 2 of getting a tan, reading Bridget Jones (End of Reason) easy, easy beach reading and of course playing in the waves. It was a lovely day. i liked the word langourously today – not sure if its a real word.

Tuesday was a bit of a dull day. We got a longtail boat to Hat Rin, hired motorbikes and Martin, James and I biked around the island. It was an odd day. It felt in part like an Oliver Stone Vietnam film, 3 blokes riding into bamboo villages in a motorbike posse. but we went to play in a waterfall which was most notable for James’ desire to play the wild man of borneo, take his kit off and sit under the waterfall.

I kept my clothes on, (my skin was feeling a little crispy from 2 days of sun, sea and factor 15). Nothing we found could touch our beach. Back at the Long Tails at Hat Rin for 6, quick boat ride over, walking through The Sanctuary with wet shorts on again and back to the Bungalows.

We sat on the platform by the bay, sunk a couple of large Changs, smoked, fell asleep. One nice thing about Changs, (Thai beer) they don’t have an alcohol content on them. According to Toni (who i think owns the place) it varies to much to ever be definite. Its somewhere between 2 and 8 per cent. Beer Roulette but 3 will always get you pissed.

Wednesday it rained, we spent the day practicing making cones and getting very caned. Not the most productive of days but i did manage to finish the Bridget Jones book and sample some of Toni’s home cooking!

and then today, Thursday, we packed up, threw our bags on the Long Tail and had the boat ride of our lives. The waves were big, 6 of us on the boat, all of us soaked at various stages of the journey. Martin and James are talking about 15 foot breaks. I know that at one stage, we were on a ridge that had a drop the size of a small house. Came off elated.

I like the water here, a job as a boatman could be a good life. Back in Hat Rin we popped into the Bakery and eat the nearest thing i could find to a sausage roll. And then more bungalows, this time on sunset beach. It all feels like a bit of a baby ibiza here, but also a bit Hi de Hi thailand.

I never knew about the Bungalows in Thailand. I assumed that it would be hotels like India. I don’t know why.

Anyway i’m back sharing a bungalow with James (400 baht). It saves me money if nothing else and it did feel good to have an ensuite shower again

Spent the afternoon smoking a bong in the back of a bar with a couple of thai people that worked there. Anyway stumbling across the beach i abandoned Penny, Martin and James to ‘Premier Highlights’ and am sitting in a bar called the Outback Bar – I assume its Australian – at least the people behind the bar (2 of the whitest people i have seen here – bar us obviously) are. Anyway they sell Gin and Tonic, which is what i had. It was lovely.

Forget to mention that i kicked James’ arse in chess.

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