Asia | South East Asia | Thailand | South Thailand | Ko Lanta – Lazy Days

Asia | South East Asia | Thailand | South Thailand | Ko Lanta – Lazy Days

22.12.2003, Monday, Koh Lanta

    I promised Craig I would teach him the string tricks Rin, our guide at the trek in Chiang Mai, taught me a couple of weeks ago. Therefore while waiting for him, I was sitting in front of my hut, practicing. And as for one of the tricks I needed somebody else, I asked a waiter from the restaurant. In five minutes I was teaching the whole staff. And now they’re running around the place laughing and bothering the staff from the nearby restaurants, and coming back every few minutes saying they forgot already and I need to show them again. Oh, I can hear they’ve started on the other tourists as well…
    Craig never came. But Walter saw me doing the tricks and wanted to learn. And afterwards we’d gone scavenging to the opening of the restaurant next door, as they were having a free buffet and a show at ten. Between stuffing ourselves and watching five huge ladyboys sway awkwardly on the stage we played chess and I won for the fifth time in my life. I still can count those times on the fingers of my hand.
    The most depressing thing about all those celebrations and free buffets on this island are the onlookers. The restaurant next door has just been finished, but the bungalows at the back are still under construction and there are rows of corrugated iron shacks in the back alley where the workers sleep. They came to see the opening, but they apparently weren’t allowed in. They just stood in a semi-circle on the sand, just at the edge of darkness, looking at all those well-off tourists who came to have some food for free. It’s going to be a top-end place, with bungalows starting at 130 USD a night, so we all expected their food to be something more refined than that at the Opium or other places, throwing parties every high-season evening. And it was, and plenty of it. Hopefully the workers got something at least afterwards… Do I believe that?!…

23.12.2003, Tuesday, Koh Lanta

    The starry nights and bright sunny days are back. In the mornings we lay on the beach, read books, swim or play Frisby, then we hide around noon. The sand turns white-hot, the sun is so scorching it becomes impossible to walk for five minutes along the beach and not to sweat profoundly. Bubbles have come up on my shouders and down to the elbows. They burst when touched. I’m scalded by the sun, shedding skin. We play chess and watch movies in the evenings, we go to the parties and eat as much as we can. Then we swim again, the fluorescent little creatures bursting with our every move.
    It’s my last day here, I’m heading tomorrow to Krabi. Just a couple of hours on the bus, but I already feel that it will be like leaving a whole different universe behind. Now it will be only making my way up towards Bangkok, going home. The fairy tale is not yet over, but the dragon is dead.

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