Asia | South East Asia | Thailand | North Thailand | Chiang Mai – Jungle, Karen village

Asia | South East Asia | Thailand | North Thailand | Chiang Mai – Jungle, Karen village

We left the camp early to hike up a moutain, about 1500 Meters high. We ate our lunchpackage, noodles, on top of the moutain. The noodles where coverd in a big leaf. A very good idea, because it dosen’t polute the jungle. Three hours later, walking through the jungle we arrived at the Karren Village.

The Children in the village where already waiting for us. We had little presents (candy and cookies) for them. The kids then offerd us necklace and some other stuff. I decided to not buy anything. It was a quiet difficult decision. On the one hand, these people are really poor, on the other hand, there is the risk that those people (espacially kids) get depended of money from tourists. The kids were very interrested in my binoculars and so I spend about an hour, explaining how to use it. I found out that I was the first one who ever showed them binoculars.

After dinner, the cook asked us for help with a burning wound on his leg. He had an accident with his motorbike about two weeks ago. The wound was already badly infected. Sebastion is a med-student and knew what to do. He cleaned the wound and put some salve on it. Then he coverd the wound with a steril badage. Thats when I realized that those people may know that tourists like coke and beer and that we have a lot of money, but they have no glimpse that you have to keep a wound clean and coverd. We explained the cook how to handle the wound and told him that he has to change the bandage every day and use new, steril bandage (to cook cotton bandage before useage) and put salve on the wound.

Tourists come to the Karen village for about four years. Every travel agency. The travel agency want to keep it that way, it’s still a very beautifull, quiet and peacefull place. Hill Tribes used to move around in the past, but the goverment dosen’t allow them to do that anymore. That’s also the reason why they can’t plant enough rice for the whole village. They have to buy it.

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