Asia | South East Asia | Thailand | Bangkok – the beginning

Asia | South East Asia | Thailand | Bangkok – the beginning

‘There are too many unnecessary struggles in our lives. Its a struggle to wake up in the morning, to bath, a struggle to catch a bus, go to work and make a decent living. Its a struggle to come back from work, to relax, to have electricity and running water, to get a good woman, and to keep her. It feels like a lifetime of struggling. That’s why i want to leave.’ – Ben Okri, Dangerous Love.

12 hours with Lufthansa is really enough for any man, but i got to watch ‘woman on top’, the sun rise over the Himalaya’s and, 1 tamezepan later, I even got some sleep.

Thailand – I’m not sure why we’re starting here but it feels good to start. to paraphrase Ben Okri, 7 years of 9-5 can suck you dry. and sitting in the rooftop bar, hearing stories about Pai, Ankor Wat and Bagan, its like why didn’t i do this years ago and every year since.

So one 300 baht Yellow Taxi-Meter (between 5) to the Khao San Road, one good nights sleep (Mango Guest House) and one english breakfast later, we’re on.

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