Asia | South East Asia | Thailand | Bangkok – Short Goodbye

Asia | South East Asia | Thailand | Bangkok – Short Goodbye

And that is the end of my story, as soon I’m catching an overnight bus to Bangkok and flying home. Some of you asked me if Thailand was really as disappointing as I was describing it. Well, maybe it was the tone of the first letters, as too often I was comparing it to Africa and loving the latter, I didn’t want to rave too much about Asia. Nevertheless, I’m sure by now you know I enjoyed myself immensely and one day, I think… I’ll be back. At least to do the full rock-climbing course!

As for now, I would like to thank all of you for making my journey special.
Especially Ian and Celine, for the passion you both bring into life,
Merel, for simply being who you are,
Craig, for ice-cream, orchids and all the difficult questions you like so much to ask,
Nicole, for that wonderful smile of yours and the time we spent together in Bangkok,
Nick, for making me feel special and understood, and that breakneck bike ride, not to mention the ingenious save-on-dinner scheme,
Gary, for the right words at the right time and the introduction to the poetry of the universe,
Paola, for being the most exquisite woman I’ve ever met… and allowing me to talk to Gary for hours,
Walter, for letting me win at chess,
James, for Norah Jones and making me so incredibly welcome at Suza, but most of all for calling me your little sister and making me feel like I belonged,
Derek and Miles, I bet you’re surprised, but I want to thank you both for talking about rock climbing with so much passion – I wouldn’t do it otherwise,
and Richard, for being lost.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you.


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