Asia | South East Asia | Thailand | Bangkok – on the way to LaoPDR

Asia | South East Asia | Thailand | Bangkok – on the way to LaoPDR

I lost a day in Ko Tao.

I think it was a combination of smoke, the cold and alcohol. I lay in the sun, I swam and I slept, but i did buy my ticket to Vientiane (Laos – 1500 baht).

So on the 6th i settled up, had my last breakfast at the bakery, 2 final smokes on the beach and at 3 Akiko (a Japanese girl i’d met) and I were on the express boat to Chumpon.

Nothing is ever really as smooth as it should be so after a 2 hour wait it was back on the (nightmare) VIP bus back to Bangkok. Actually this time it wasn’t so bad. I think my cold pills coupled with alcohol made me drowsy and i had enough room to actually stretch my legs and someone rather nice to fall asleep and wake up to. There was a lot of waking up and falling asleep but at 5:30 they kicked us out dazed and rather confused onto the Khao San Road.

We went to the Sawasdee on Soi Rambutri for a coffee, Oi Hungry for breakfast, checked into the mango guest house (100 baht a night) and then spent the rest of the day mooching around.

Sitting having an afternoon beer on the Khao San Road, it was actually really nice. I felt a bit more experienced, a bit more tanned obviously and chatting to a stranger albeit one i’d known for a while actually reminded me what travelling was all about.

It was a really nice day. Bumped into a friend Dave i hadn’t seen for 7 years, kissed Akiko goodbye and got my first Tuk-Tuk to Hualamphong Railway Staion for the night train to Nong Khai – after a quick and very spicy KFC break at the train station.

After the trauma of the buses the train was gorgeous, settled down for a chat with 17 year old Anon who wanted to practice his conversational english and then at 10 into my bunk into a fairly deep sleep. I woke at 5 and went to watch the sun rise as we sped through the misty Thai countryside towards Nong Khai.

After the 20 baht 2 minute drive to the border and lots of form filling at Laos customs, $31 and a 50 baht fine for not having a photo, I was in Laos.

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