Asia | South East Asia | Thailand | Bangkok – Long Haul – London to Melbourne

Asia | South East Asia | Thailand | Bangkok – Long Haul – London to Melbourne

True to form, pack in a fug and blur of too littel sleep before an international flight. True to form, London Underground didn’t see fit to run a train all the way to Heathrow, so a coach from Acton town instead. Checkin queue one of the longest I have ever seen. 260 people already checked into the flight so no chance of an exit row, let alone an upgrade.

Usual amble through oversized duty free bottles of alcohol while it still evaporated from my pores to the gate then to the back row of a full 747. Flight left without event.

Rule # 33.2 of flight.
Despite the outside weather, there will always be turbulence when they serve the coffee.

Off the plane in Bangkok. Sunrise. Hot. The wet velvet blanket of humidity, even before the sun is up.

More noticeable amount of people camped out in the airport. Time travel – Saturday was a 9 hour day, Sunday will be a 9 hour day, but my body just watched the sun come up, so the internal clock is reset. Shoulders bruised from not being used to carrying heavy bags. Out of practise.

A note on travel envy. Have had a bunch of people mention how they wished they could do what I do and just jet off to Australia at a weeks notice. Always makes me wonder. I made a choice to give up certain luxuries – like a salary, to enable this lifestyle. It was a choice. A choice that all people have. Sure – for some people, the choice is made more difficult by responsibilities to family and to a job, but in the end, those who choose not to travel do it of their own free will.

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