Asia | South East Asia | Thailand | Bangkok – Leaving/Arriving

Asia | South East Asia | Thailand | Bangkok – Leaving/Arriving

10:20 am

I just arrived at the Bangkok International Youth hostel. Wow – this is going to be my first report to all of you – so what can I tell you?

I spent my last evening in Austria in Vienna, together with my Cousin. We went to a ‘Biergarten’ named Fischer Braeu. For me the last chance to eat a original ‘Wiener Schnitzel’ and a cool beer (or two…)

My last night in austria was quit strange, four different dreams and every time I missed that dam plane!

Thank god those dreams did’t come true, I went to the airport early, got my ticktes and had my first take-off to zuerich. I left zuerich at 3:00 pm and went straight to bangkok.

The fligth was quiet comfortable, I was sitting next to two young swiss woman so time passed by pretty fast. A very funny short-storie: Whenever I asked the stewardess for a ‘Coke’ she smiled at me, and handed me an ‘Orange Juice’. But beside that little misunderstanding, it was a very enjoyabble flight.

Arriving in Bangkok, after 11 hours on the plane went along with an unhappiliy surprise. My luggage didn’t made it to bangkok, it decided to stay in zuerrich. Fortunatly it will arrive later today. I’m a very optimistic person and I look at this in a very positiv way: I did’t had to carry ‘the BIG bag’ though the whole city. He He.

Well, on my way to the hostel I allready met a local – Rudi – I’m going to meet him again in the afternoon to talk about austria (right – I’m a very trusting person).

Thats all for right now, I’m waiting for your coments, messages -whatever!

Ps: I just want to add a BIG BIG Thank You to a few People:

First of all: Ralph, who organized the ticket to bangkok and answerd all my questions – and of course – the whole ws-team! Then, my family, my workmates (Tourist Office Muehlviertel) and friends back in austria which where a great support the past week! Before I start to thank my dentist I better quit…

See You!

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