Asia | South East Asia | Thailand | Bangkok – Exploring Bangkok

Asia | South East Asia | Thailand | Bangkok – Exploring Bangkok

I spent my first afternoon waiting at the hostel for my luggage, talking to other travellers. At 3:00 pm I met Rudji again who invited me to his home. We talked about this and that, but mostly about austria and his work. He is a ‘croupie’ at a cruise ship, and married to an malaysian woman. I was also invited to eat at their house, but after more then 28 hours without sleep my stomach just said NO. I spent about three hours at Rudji’s house before I went back to the hostel.

I was still without my luggage, so I had to wait until 9:00 pm. Not beeing tired at all at this time, I decided to join a few other hostellers (two guys and three girls) to go to Patpong which is one of the most famous ‘sex-districts’ of bangkok.

We went there by Tuk Tuk (70 Bhat) which took us about half an hour.

For me, Thailand and Bangkok was always known as a place for sex-tourists, walking around at Patpong, I found out that it’s not soo bad at all. You get invited to see a sex show quite often, but if you say No, leave you alone.

After about 1,5 hour we decided to go back to the hostel by taxi (120 Bhat). So, after about 36 hours without sleep, I went to bed for the very first time in Bangkok.

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