Asia | South East Asia | Thailand | Bangkok – Bangkok, Thailand

Asia | South East Asia | Thailand | Bangkok – Bangkok, Thailand

Life is good in Thailand, I am having so much fun over here…

Since I left Malaysia I’ve spent nearly all of my time on islands, not doing very much but having a good time doing whatever I’m doing when I’m doing anything at all.

I split up with my friends Dave and Eimi when I left Malaysia (from Kota Bharu) and took the bus & train up to the South-West coast of Thailand. From Krabi I took the ferry over to the island Koh Phi Phi, where Stephan and his brother were waiting for me. We spent a good five days there and went snorkelling, spearfishing, did a couple of dives around the island (which apparently was at some of Thailand’s best dive sites) and had the occasional party in the Tintin bar. Which reminded me strongly of the backpackers atmosphere in Australia. It took a good 11 hours of travelling by ferry-bus-ferry to get to Koh Pha Ngan (a popular island in the gulf of Thailand). Well worth the trip though, especially because we were just in time for the Full Moon Party. This party is famous amongst travellers and not many leave Thailand without having been at at least one of them. Now I know why…

It’s a massive rave with thousands of young people all dancing and having a good time on the beach. And of course you always meet people that you’ve met before on your travels – I met Karen and Rachel run into several others that I’ve met before in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, and hooked up with Dave as well.

Koh Pha Ngan is a nice place to hang about for a couple of days. Most people stay in a hut right at the beach and quickly adapt to a rather lazy lifestyle of swimming, sunbathing, eating, drinking and hanging out with others. Before we even realized a week had passed by over there. Dave, Stephan and I took the ferry over to Koh Tau, another popular island with a similar lifestyle but with good diving added to this. Unsurprisingly, virtually all travellers that stay here are certified divers (at least I haven’t met any that weren’t). I checked out the diving as well, in fact I did 5 dives and completed my Advanced Open Water diving course. Good stuff. An expensive hobby but great fun and who knows, I might make it to Divemaster some day and get paid to go diving with others, instead of having to pay for it myself.

We cruised around on some big dirtbikes, did lots of snorkelling in crystal clear water, got a nice tan on some gorgeous beaches and another week slipped by. Time to leave the oceans and the islands and move on to Bangkok. Our minibus dropped us off at Khao San Road and we walked straight into war … hundreds of heavily armed travellers seemed to be waiting us up over there and before we could do anything at all … we were totally soaking wet. Waterguns, bigger waterguns and insanely big waterguns everywhere; the waterfestivals had just started !

Apparently it’s all got to do with Thai Newyear, which is around the 14th of April (I’m still not sure what the exact date is, because the parties have been going on for four days straight already, and it’s still not safe to go on the street without getting wet). It’s been a great and crazy party though.

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