Asia | South East Asia | Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Laos) | Mekong | Vang Vieng – the shower of happiness

Asia | South East Asia | Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Laos) | Mekong | Vang Vieng – the shower of happiness

Laos, gorgeous, gorgeous LPDR. hard to describe why i like it but i like it a lot.

On the 9th i woke at 5 feeling perky, so i packed, showered, threw myself into a tuk tuk and headed back to morning market for a coffee a meat baguette and a bus to Vang Vieng – 6000 kip, very full and mostly locals.

8 hour bus journeys are not my favourite, but the scenery was stunning. Bamboo hut villages, paddy fields and the most gorgeous granite mountains easing their way through the curvy green landscape. Laos is really hard to describe, its mountainous, undeveloped and kind of demure – if a country or landscape can be termed as such.

The journey was kind of uneventful, at one stage it was a case of ‘pack as many people in as possible’ and then a group of older women at the front of the bus cracked open a couple of bottles of beer lao and the sound of laughter overrode the dodgy bus tunes.

Arrived in Vang Vieng feeling refreshed and fairly full of life. Laos is different to Thailand, alot more gentle but the sun in the mountains can get a bit intense.

Off the bus, into the Doukhoun Guest House, ($4) opened the bathroom door to be confronted by ‘the shower of happiness’. Hot Water! Its hard to put into words the joy of hot water, but me, my soap and the shower of happiness shared a 3 some and it was blooming gorgeous. Retired to the ‘Nangbot Restaurant’ for the obligatory cigarette, washed down with a banana shake and spring rolls, and settled down with some Thai tunes and book number 4 for the afternoon.

One really nice thing about travelling is rediscovering reading, Ben Okri, followed by trash easy reading Bridget Jones, more trash, ‘Animal Husbandry’ and now a book to savour, ‘Frozen Music’ by Marika Cobbold picked up on Ko Pha Ngan . A total joy to read. A few pages at a time to savour it.

Anyway they kicked me out of the cafe and told me to go exploring.

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