Asia | South East Asia | Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Laos) | Mekong | Luang Prabang – more buses

Asia | South East Asia | Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Laos) | Mekong | Luang Prabang – more buses

Arrived in Luang Prabang after a long, uncomfortable but beautiful bus ride. I got a stool in the middle space of the bus. It wasn’t possible to fall of the stool there was no room. The scenery was incredible. Spent the evening in the company of a few other travellers in a good Lao food restaurant. I think this is a nice place, haven’t seen much of it yet. It’s dark and there are no street lanterns. A hot shower for the first time in two weeks, a real treat. Very tired now.

This guest house is brand new. It’s very nice to sit on the veranda in the twilight, listening to the sounds of daily Lao life (wish they hadn’t so much of that during the night). Got my immigration stamp this morning. Visited a lot of beautiful stupa’s together with Guido and Martin. This is a very nice place. Especially sitting at the border of the Mekong river, walking on the market are nice ways to spent some time. People are very friendly, and there is not much traffic.

This evening we had dinner with the owners of the guest house. They invited us because we are their first guests. Lao food and of course Lao beer. We spent a big part of the day around a waterfall. The swimming was nice, not cold at all. Bought a papaya and some white vegetables, a kind of turnips, they tasted fresh and a bit sweet. Met a Lao who is working for the Swiss Red Cross. Talked about the infrastructure in health care. Learned a lot about this country and the way it is (not)organized.

Martin is going back to Vientiane. Guido and I are going to take the slow boat to Huay Xai. Slowly, slowly is our motto, no problem, it is not possible to travel fast. We bought food and water for two days on the boat, but I doubt we are going to make it in two days. Glad I bought some books in Vientiane, no bookshops here.

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