Asia | South East Asia | Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Laos) – 100cc motor bikes

Asia | South East Asia | Lao People’s Democratic Republic (Laos) – 100cc motor bikes

Everyone owns one in Vientiane. This is one technology, with respect to global warming, that could use a tune up as the exhaust is petty bad. The exhaust is the equivelant of a lawnmower. Imagine an intersection with twenty lawnmowers running. Bizarre.

I went for a long walk today in the late afternoon. Lots and lots of construction going on. Definitely a lot of work going into covering up the sewers. Thanks foreign aid!

I walked along a dirt road along the Mekong. Every tenth house was a little conveninece store or a barbeque stand. I came upon a gated community. Looked just lke Southern California. Nice big houses, manicured lawn, not a sewer in sight.

I don’t think any one passed me on foot. Everyone was on a moped. The chickens were driving mopeds. They steer with their beaks. The only folks I saw on bikes were tourists. Stupid tourists.

The english language newspaper ‘Vientiane Times’ does not flatter the west. Especially the US. Understandable, I think, considering the most recent war. What were we thinking.

There was a fine article on Kim Jung Ill II. The reporter seems to really like this guy. Apparently the ambassador of North Korea gave a lecture here this week…I wish I knew about it. That would have been a real treat.

So I figured out what a dollar is in Kip. It is 9,700 Kip/dollar. A pint of beer is a dollar. Dinner tonight was 33,000 kip or about $3.30. Two beers and chicken fried rice. Yum.

I think I’ll wake up before noon tomorrow and rent a moped and check out the burbs of V. So no reports for about 18 hours.

At breakfast this morning (the scandinavian bakery) I overheard two Austrialians talking about Thai politics. Did you know the Thai constitution forbids critisism of of the royal family! This is important information because, they aint so good looking. I read an article on the crown prince on the flight over here. He needs to bulk up and get some laser skin treatment.

Finally, it is nice and warm here. 30C!

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