Asia | South East Asia | Indonesia – trekking in rinjani mountain

Asia | South East Asia | Indonesia – trekking in rinjani mountain

Lombok Trekking com provides traveler of all apes with practical, and up to date information on economical, tourism as well as a bussines on economical amd stakeholders purposeful opportunities that involves learning by living, studying working or vacationing along side the people of Lombok.

This vision come from a deep informal dialoques in response to conditions that significantly behaviour and influence. Their properity the potentials and opportunities are open widely, but has never been expressed with optimum power individually or together.

The mission statement one simply described as follows.

Providing valuable and aktual information about mount on Lombok., Sumbawa, Bali, flores and universal information etc. about the Island.
Asisting profesional interest
Creating new jobs, opportunities and increasing busnisse sprit.
Opening wide acces for local community Lombok, Sumbawa, Bali and Flores.
We reality that there will be more requirement and expert needed specialist and expertise on same specific sector, however, there is some concentrate activity that can be done, we hope to participate in eating as bridge for sollaboration of many kind of opportunity in some areas in this beatiful region (Currently and will) to make a better quality standar of living and increasing community properity.

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